The trip was by car to Murray Bridge via Cowra, Narrandera, Swan Hill, then by paddle boat north to Blanchtown and back. The trip on the paddle boat "Proud Mary" was a high, driving through hordes of locusts short of Swan Hill was a low. The car is white, but on reaching Swan Hill the bonnett was yellow with thousands of the critters jammed in every crevice and the number plate unreadable. The only way of removing them was by using a water blaster. The stench was terrible to all but the bees who seemed to enjoy feeding off the carcasses. Our total trip was about 4,000kms.

A very small part of a large wind farm at Blayney on the way to Cowra

The sleepy little town of Carcoar

Main street in Cowra

Japanese gardens in Cowra. During WWII there was a large prisoner of war camp for Japanese and Italians. The Japanese broke out and many were killed - Japanese culture was that it was more honourable to be killed than captured. The Italians even helped the Australian army recapture many of them and then stayed on after the war. The gardens are a memorial to those Japanese killed.

Japanese gardens - Cowra

A bottle tree in a Narrandera park. They can contain up to 80 gallons of water

The reconstructed old town of Swan Hill in Victoria

Old Swan Hill again.

A riverside park in Swan Hill

Swimming pool at our luxurious motel in Swan Hill

Little town of Rainbow

Nhill - Park in the centre of the street

Old railway station at Serviceton - was the longest in South Australia.
There used to be different rail guages between states and goods etc., had to be transferred from one train to another.
It was a crazy setup before federation.

Murray River with mist on the water just after dawn

Murray River from a lookout at Mannum

Our river boat the "Proud Mary".

Banks of the Murray

Banks of the Murray

Banks of the Murray

Banks of the Murray

A somewhat weird type of houseboat

Almond harvester on an almond farm at Swan Reach. Cost of these is approx $160,000

Almond tree trunk gripped in the harvester's jaws prior to shaking

Machine shakes the tree and harvests the almonds at Swan Reach - the process takes about 5 seconds per tree to be picked up by a mechanical sweeper later. One man and three part timers operate the farm which turns over $40,000,000 to $60,000,000 annually.

The yabbie is only about 5cm long but look out for its nippers!
Tastes like a crayfish but there is a lot of work for very little meat in the tail

Back waters of the Murray River

Back waters of the Murray River

"Proud Mary" moored for the night

More Murray River

Luxurious private house boats on the Murray

What is it? It looks a real Heath Robinson gadget! Mannum

River Park at Mannum

A pelican digests his catch

Mitre Rock - Mt Arapiles - Towan State Park

And an English country church - it ain't! Dunolly
Temperature here was 42.5 degrees

The centre of Bendigo gold mining city - Victoria

Restored tram - Bendigo - they do city tours as a tourist attraction

Where Diamond Lil entertained the gold diggers

Victorian era buildings - Bendigo

Victorian era buildings - Bendigo

Goulburn River at Murchison

Concrete cows - Murchison

Murchison township

Glenrowan railway station where Ned Kelly received medical attention after being shot in the leg

Glenrown - to the left is the area where Kelly was shot and sent to Melbourne by rail for execution

Old house - Glenrowan

Our hotel pool at Mollymook

Fishing fleet at Ulladulla

Fishing fleet at Ulladulla

Fishing fleet at Ulladulla

Lake Conjola

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