For our present family and those who follow, we have assembled a collection of photos which we trust you will be able to look at and enjoy.   Well, I enjoyed doing them any rate!

To avoid the over-use of surnames, for christian names without a following surname - please read "Goodearl"

All the descendants of David & Vivienne Goodearl - Xmas 1998
(Back Row) Brett Matthews, Yvette Matthews (Goodearl), Adam Kohlhagen, Gary Kohlhagen.
(Second Row) Richard, Wendy Snopko, Robert Matthews, Vivienne, Joanne Kohlhagen (Goodearl),
Carolyn Graham (Goodearl), David,Jeff Graham.
(Third Row) Beatrice, Stewart, Yvette, Stephanie Matthews, Kimberly, Dean Graham.
(Front Row) Ellen Matthews, Brent Kohlhagen, Dylan, Emilia, Jenna Graham, Lisa Kohlhagen.

Chaffer family dinner at a chinese restaurant, Crows Nest, in 1975.
Left to right: Ross Aiken, Greta Hayward, Hennie Hayward, Vivienne Goodearl, David Goodearl
Malcolm Chaffer, Sue Chaffer, Marjorie Chaffer, Norman Chaffer, Elaine Aiken
(Absent are Barrie and Jan Chaffer)

"Ricky Derges and His Band"
In England for American Servicemen at Upper Heyford 1951
Stan Simms (Piano), Ricky Derges (Trumpet & Leader), Freddie Shorter (Alto), Eric Bossom (Drums),
Dave Pinching (Tenor & Baritone), David Goodearl (Bass).

Vivienne aged 20 - photo by John Hearder
David aged 25 - photo by John Hearder

Our first home - 17 Warrimoo Ave., St. Ives
Our second home - 17 Beaconsfield Pde., Lindfield

Our third home - 129 Springdale Rd., Killara

Our fourth home - Unit 25, Lindfield Gardens

The motorised Goodearl youngsters.
Peterand Helen's wedding

Aunt Mab (Mabel), Mum, Aunt Cal (Clarice).
Grandchildren Christmas 1995. L to R - Stephanie, Ellen,
Dean, Brett, Brent, Adam, Lisa,
(Front) Jenna, Emilia.

L to R: George R, Jessie, Mabel, Clarice,
George H, David
Chaffer bridal party
Norman & Pearl Chaffer, Robert McKnee,
Evelyn Chaffer, Sidney Chaffer, Eva McKnee.
My father, George Richard
My father's sisters -Clarice (left) & Mabel (right)

Walter (42) and Hannah Chaffer (22) (nee Bibby)
Vivienne's grandparents.
My maternal grandfather John Sinclair Alexander
He was an artillery major in the militia.
His sword and a medal are both still in existence.

Our New Zealand family - Killara 2004.
Yvette (12), Stewart, Wendy and Kimberly (10) in front.

The only children named Goodearl in Australia
Emilia and Dylan 2003
Joanne Kohlhagen MAgedCareMgt at her graduation
2006 - Castle Hill
Lisa Kolhagen BBA Bmgt at her graduation
2005 - Canberra

Dean Graham - Motor cycle sport enthusiast
hits the high spots.

Mum (Jessie) and Father (George) On their honeymoon
Hong Kong - 1927 - Merran & I were unable to go!

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