These are some pictures of our courting days, our very early married days, along with a couple of car trips that we did.

Viv hitchhiking in England - wouldn't do it these days.

A young Viv in a disappeared fashion - the "play suit!"

A young David on a beach picnic.

Self, Greta and Warren Down - Harbord Beach.

Viv and self at Harbord Beach

Warren Down, Jan, Barrie & self

Self at Bobbin Head

Viv at Bobbin Head

Viv and David - first day of married life

And Viv and David - 50 years later (Golden Wedding Day)

Viv at home - first day after marriage

On honeymoon - Jenolan Caves House with Wolseley KA-236

Arriving at Somerset House, Lord Howe Island

Greta at our St. Ives house just built

St Ives house later with garden under construction

Group having a bit of a "blow" - Gold Coast
Norm Turner, Billy Palmer, Cec Regan, and self

Self at Gold Coast

Outdoor jazz concert on the beach at Coolangatta
Cec Regan, Barry Titterton, Stan Beavis, self, and Norm Turner

Morning tea with the Ford Falcon

Morning tea stop on a car trip

Morning coffee on the Blue Mountains

Chairlift at Mount Kosciusko

Viv at top of the chairlift

David at top of chairlift

An icicle - Kosciusko

David standing on the summit of Kosciusko,
You could drive up in those days.

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