View from our room at a MODERN hotel - Jugoslavia

Drinks with some American firends on the tour - Jugoslavia

Jugoslav resort town of Split

View of the Adriatic Highway - it's a horrendous highway with sheer drops to the sea

More of the highway

Roadside housing in Jugoslavia which is completed - unusual!

A most impressive bridge on the highway

Below is is the old road (must have been a shocker)

A restaurant with pork cooking on the spit - these are scattered all the way along the highway

The ancient city of Dubrovnik from the hill behind.

Headed up to the city wall (It runs right around the old city)

From the city wall

From the city wall looking to the outside

From the city wall looking to the inside

From the city wall looking landward.
Shows both the old city and the "new" section outside

From the city wall looking to the inside

Street scene in Dubrovnik - Jugoslavia

Street scene Dubrovnik

Two of the many interesting little side alleys running up the hill from the main street

Viv with young American girl - Dubrovnik

Jugoslavian city from Adriatic Highway

Ancient town of Mostar. The old stone bridge was totally destroyed some 20 years later in a Jugoslavian civil war.

View from the centre of the old Mostar stone bridge.


Jugoslavian villaga

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