David & Viv's European Tour
The tortuous Norwegian roads. When two large vehicles meet, passing is done one centimetre at a time.

Many, many tunnels when the terraine is just too steep to permit road building.

Snow scene (Norway) and this is going on for mid summer. It was in June!

More of the stuff

Still summer in Norway

Still summer - a big thrill for us but a real bore for the locals.

Laplander huts built of turf slabs in the Norwegian highlands

Rivers galore all fed by the melting snows make for spectacular tourist sights

A park in Bergen

Boarding the funicular car that takes us to the top of the mountain - Bergen

The view going up

At the top

Another view at the top

These last few snaps of Denmark are tacked onto the end of Norway. My apologies, but Denmark seemed such a small file, it wasn't worthwhile starting a new one.

A dramatic bridge - (Denmark to Germany?)

A view from the bridge

A view from the other side

Said to be Hamlet's castle in Denmark

The "Little Mermaid" Copenhagen harbour

Sentry at the royal palace - Copenhagen

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