We were married on 22nd September 1956. The ceremony was at the Roseville Methodist (now Uniting) Church in Lord Street and the reception at "St. Malo" which was a heritage stone building now demolished "beneath" Figtree Bridge.

  The first night of the honeymoon was spent at the Newport Hotel. Next day we called in to see our parents on the way through to Jenolan Caves House. The next part of the adventure was the trip to Lord Howe Island in the flying boat which left from Rose Bay to land on the lagoon at Lord Howe. All very new and exciting!

  The colour pictures were all scanned from 35mm transparencies, the popular medium of the day. Though they were one step ahead of colour negatives (which were very hard to edit) slides could only comfortably be viewed by a projector and screen.
  It is safe to say that they formed the main ingredient of many a boring night with friends trying to display their hundreds of slides to their guests in one evening. Being shown in the dark it was hard at times (after beer and red wine) to hear the commentary above the roar of snoring!
  Be thankful, therefore, that you have the option of turning this lot on or off!
  As these slides are now some fifty years old, they had to have "severe" enhancement by Photoshop. I am sorry that they lack the quality of former years.

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