This is a site of Australia - maximum pictures, minimum of words.

I am not a rugged Australian pioneer to the contrary I am a seventy something citizen who enjoys driving around on good sealed roads and staying in motels. All these trips can be done by coach of course, but we enjoy doing them on our own, in our own time and with a couple of friends in a separate car.
Our first large (3 months) overseas trip was done in 1974. I have resurrected the slides and include them here for those interested. My apologies for some of the images now over 30 years old which are the worse for wear. No digital images then!
Over the years my wife, Vivienne, and I have done many trips to all parts of Australia (as well as overseas), but it is only now I have started recording them with the aid of my trusty Canon 400D digital camera. I should have started years ago but never too late - I am on the go.
Ah! The joys of retirement - please enjoy Australia with us!

Home base in Lindfield, Sydney

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